At Filterserve, our commitment to providing top-notch filtration solutions is embodied by our Director of the Filtration Division, Stephen Heamus. With a career spanning nearly four decades in the filtration industry, Stephen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team.

When did your career start in Filtration and what aspect of it do you find most fulfilling?

My journey in filtration began back in 1985, starting out at Power Utilities. What I find most fulfilling is the art of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, crafting bespoke filtration solutions that precisely address their needs.

How long have you worked as a Director at Filterserve?

I’ve proudly held the role of Director at Filterserve for the past 12 years, leading our dedicated team towards excellence and innovation every step of the way.

Can you share a memorable experience that highlights the passion your team at Filterserve has for providing quality filtration solutions?

One standout moment was when we secured a substantial order for Hilliard filters. This not only showcased our dedication to quality but also our ability to collaborate seamlessly with international partners, leaving a lasting impression on our clients and competitors alike.

What values or principles guide your leadership approach at Filterserve?

As a leader, I prioritise listening, understanding, and empowering my team members. By fostering a culture of collaboration and trust, we ensure that everyone feels valued and motivated to contribute their best to our collective success.

Can you describe a challenging moment in your career journey with Filterserve and how you navigated it?

One challenging moment was negotiating a critical tender. Despite facing numerous obstacles, we navigated the complexities with strategic finesse, ultimately securing the tender through determination and resilience.

How do you ensure Filterserve maintains a customer-centric approach in its operations?

Maintaining a customer-centric approach is paramount, and we achieve this by proactively engaging with clients, providing timely quotations, and diligently following up on business opportunities.

How do you recognise achievements and milestones within Filterserve?

We celebrate achievements with gusto, whether it’s securing lucrative orders, winning competitive tenders, or extending existing contracts. Every milestone is commemorated as a testament to our dedication to excellence.

What strategies do you employ to foster efficiency and effectiveness in Filterserve’s operations?

Efficiency and effectiveness are crucial, and we achieve this by monitoring profit margins, maintaining a rapid response rate to quotations, and regularly engaging with suppliers to negotiate competitive prices.

How do you maintain adaptability to evolving market demands and customer needs at Filterserve?

We remain agile and responsive by staying abreast of the latest filtration trends, investing in ongoing training, and expanding our scope of supply to cater to diverse requirements. It’s all about staying ahead of the curve and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Evident through Stephen’s answers is Filterserve’s unwavering commitment to providing top-notch filtration solutions. With Filterserve, you can trust that your filtration needs will be handled with expertise and care. Contact us today to experience the Filterserve difference firsthand.