Oil and Gas

Solutions for the Oil and Gas industry

Efficient filtration systems are vital for the running and maintenance of production systems in the oil and gas industry. Filterserve has considerable experience in this field and has worked alongside both large and small oil and gas associated companies, providing tailored solutions for decades.

Filtration systems must be reliable; inefficient filtration can lead to lengthy downtime, costly maintenance and major process disruptions.

Our products are used in a number of applications to ensure high-quality efficiency and smooth operations.

  • Filtration solutions in the upstream sector are required for processes involving injection water, condensates and completion fluids to ensure the finest performance and quality end product. Efficient removal of solid contaminants is essential to counteract the potential risk of erosion of capital equipment.
  • In midstream filtration, the efficient transportation and storage of refinery products is key to ensuring its secure delivery to downstream distributors. Separation equipment such as particulate filters and coalescers are required to effectively filter the oil, gas and water that has been produced, as well as remove any solid contaminants that may cause deterioration of pipeline transportation.
  • In downstream filtration, providing refined oil and purifying raw natural gas for distribution to consumers requires reliable filtration equipment. To maximise performance and increase productivity, processes such as alkylation, hydrocarbon sieve dehydration and acid treating require excellent filtration.
Choosing the right product is important to ensure the minimisation of operating costs and superior process performance. We have an extensive range of filter products to suit an endless list of applications in the oil and gas industry. The following list shows a small portion of the products that you can get from Filterserve:


  • Panel filters
  • Gas coalescing filters (pleated & depth)
  • Filter cartridges
  • Compressed Air Filters & Dryers
  • Hydraulic Filters
  • Fuel Handling Filters
  • High Flow Filtration
  • Anthracite