Solutions for the Chemical industry

Chemical and polymer processes require reliable filtration systems to separate and filtrate raw materials and process fluids. Efficient filtration is vital for ensuring quality end-product, and for the protection of chemical process machinery to avoid erosion and costly machine replacements.

Since there are many interconnections in chemical processes, there are a number of critical points that require filtration. Inadequate filtration systems installed at one point can cause a detrimental effect on nearby processes. This can be costly; machine component breakdowns and replacements lead to increased downtime and decreased efficiency. This is not an ideal situation for any production facility.

Filterserve understand the challenges faced by the chemical industry, and we offer a comprehensive service to help you decide on the correct filtration system for your needs – guaranteeing reliability and enhanced performance.

  • Cartridge filters provide excellent filtration of unwanted contaminants. Approved by industry authorities, these filters are designed to have exceptional compatibility with a number of chemicals guaranteeing the purification of liquid end product.
  • An innovative development, highly specialized membranes are increasingly being used to replace centrifugation and extraction filters in the chemical industry. Membrane filters effectively remove waste water from operations, thus increasing productivity and reducing costs of waste disposal.
  • Bag filters provided in a variety of media types offer versatility and compatibility with an extensive amount of different chemicals, making it a suitable filter for many applications. Polyester filter bags work efficiently under the high temperature conditions in chemical processes, giving them a reputation for reliability and superior filtration.
  • Liquid and gas coalescers can provide crucial high efficiency filtration of corrosion contaminants from gas streams. Clean, contaminant free gas is essential to ensure chemical process equipment operates efficiently. Coalesce filters ensure productive filtration reducing maintenance cost by providing the perfect conditions for chemical equipment to run.
Choosing the right product is important to ensure the minimisation of operating costs and superior process performance. We have an extensive range of filter products to suit an endless list of applications in the chemical process industry. The following list shows a small portion of the products that you can get from Filterserve:


  • Liquid & Gas Filtration
  • SS Housings
  • Polymeric Cartridge Filters
  • Membranes
  • Self-Cleaning Filters
  • Bag Filters and Housings
  • Lenticular Filters
  • Vacuum Pump Filters