Food and Beverage

Solutions for the Food and Beverage industry

One of the most important markets for filtration equipment is the food and beverage industry. Filterserve understand the strict regulations companies must be compliant with in this industry. From consumer demands to food and worker health and safety, a reliable filtration system is vital for ensuring continuous high quality production. Therefore we ensure, when specified, all the products we supply are FDA-approved and meet the appropriate food regulations worldwide.

Contamination and bacteria control are crucial factors in the food and beverage industry. We can help you to create the most suitable filtration system to suit your application.

  • Membrane filtration offers a new and innovative method of filtration for the pre-treatment of beverages. Highly specialized membranes are replacing centrifugation and extraction filters in the beverage industry. Membrane filtration purifies and clarifies liquid products leaving clean, clear and flavourful beverages.
  • Viscose nonwoven media for the filtration of edible oil in the form of rolls, sheets, sewn envelopes, cones and discs are becoming a popular choice. Its versatile characteristics make nonwoven fabric the perfect filter for a number of applications where other materials would be simply inept.
  • Dust filter cartridges and bags can remove bacteria and particles in the environment in each stage of food production. Effective microorganism filtration during the production process can considerably improve the shelf-life of product. They can and reduce the chances of decay and waste, thus maintaining high yield and reducing potential product loss.
  • For dairy products containing live bacteria, such as yoghurt, contaminate free air is essential in order to culture the product further. High-Efficiency-Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are often used to filter microscopic airborne particulates to ensure perfect conditions to deliver pure product.
Choosing the right product is important to ensure the minimisation of operating costs and superior process performance. We have an extensive range of filter products to suit an endless list of applications in the food and beverage industry. The following list shows a small portion of the products that you can get from Filterserve:


  • Filter Cartridges And Bags
  • Sterile Filters
  • Membranes
  • Screens & Strainers
  • SS Filter Housings
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Services
  • Process Filters
  • Panels, Multi-Pockets And HEPAs
  • Dust Extraction Equipment
  • Metal Powder Aeration Units
  • Fluidising Media