Air Filters

Particulate pollution in the air can be extremely detrimental to both human and machine health. Particulates such as bacteria, mould, pollen, viruses, sand and gases are released into the air as a result of pollution that is produced from a range of industrial processes and transport fumes. If inhaled, particulate pollution can negatively affect the heart and lungs increasing the chances of developing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.
Not only will polluted air have a harmful impact on human health, but it can also affect the performance of machine components. If particulate matter enters a critical machine system, equipment failure is imminent; this puts the entire production process at risk of decreased efficiency and increased downtime. To avoid such costly circumstances, an efficient filtration system is crucial. Filterserve supply a vast range of air filters that provide the highest degree of dirt separation to ensure even the smallest particles are filtered away safely and efficiently. The air filters we supply guarantee the removal of a significant amount of small and large particles from the air, ensuring clean and sterile air quality in applications such as ventilation systems and cleanrooms. Mainly used in applications such as ventilation systems and engines, we supply air filters that provide clean and sterile air quality that is vital for optimum machine performance.

At Filterserve, no problem is too big or too small.

We have an extensive range of filtration products to suit an endless list of applications where effective filtration is vital. The following list demonstrates a small portion of the air filters we can supply for you:

  • Synthetic Media (in Rolls or Pads)
  • Glass and Pleated Panel Filters
  • HEPA Filters
  • Grease Filters
  • Rigid and Multi Pocket Bags
  • Compressed Air Housings and Elements
  • Paint Booth and Extraction Filters

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