General Engineering

Solutions for the General Engineering industry

Removing particulates from the air is vital in a number of engineering processes. Inadequate or ineffective filtration can lead to productivity and financial losses. Filterserve has experience in providing filtration systems suitable for a variety of applications with the ability to tolerate the most demanding of conditions.

Filters are needed in almost every engineering process, sometimes for completely different purposes in the same environment. Filters placed in various areas of industrial processes prevent dust particles from reaching machine components, thus increasing their service life and avoiding costly replacements.

As well as the clear benefits to machinery, industrial processes utilising filtration systems can provide essential contaminant-free surroundings – ensuring safe working environments for staff. Filtration has a very important part to play in any engineering application.

Filterserve has considerable experience in the most unique and complex applications where filtration is necessary. We can therefore provide an accurate and efficient filtration system for almost any application to deliver optimum productivity.

  • Oily work surfaces and equipment created by oil mist from machine tools can cause contamination of machine components and products resulting in halted production. Additionally, prolonged exposure to oil mist can be detrimental to health. Oil mist extractors can deter this by providing efficient filtration and excellent ventilation, to ensure a safe and clean working environment.
  • Reverse osmosis processes untreated water using a membrane to produce clean and refreshing drinking water for consumption. This is particularly useful for processes dealing with significant amounts of seawater.
  • Hydraulic power packs are needed for a multitude of applications, particularly for industrial machinery. From wheelchair mobility lifts to tipping trucks, hydraulic power packs ensure excellent performance of hydraulic systems. Additional filters provide extra measure of protection for hydraulic system components, thus increasing service life.
  • Grinding, milling and honing create high volumes of cutting debris that need to be filtered from machine tool coolant and oils ensuring clean lubricants are delivered to tool tips. Nonwoven filtration material is an excellent choice for such an application.
Choosing the right product is important to ensure the minimisation of operating costs and superior process performance. We have an extensive range of filter products to suit an endless list of applications in a multitude of engineering processes. The following list shows a small portion of the products that you can get from Filterserve:


  • Filter Rolls
  • Oil Mist Eliminators
  • Hydraulic Filters
  • Pneumatic Filters
  • Strainers
  • Air intake media
  • Liquid Filter Cartridges & Bags
  • Panel Filters, Bags and Rigid Filters
  • Knitted mesh panels
  • Dust Extraction Equipment