Porous Plastic Range

We supply an excellent range of sintered porous plastic products in the UK. Sintered porous plastic or ‘Vyon®’ as it is more widely known, offers exceptional chemical compatibility making it the finest choice for a variety of filtration applications. Vyon® is available in polyethylene and polypropylene; the material is manufactured with a controlled and even pore size distribution, ensuring consistent and effective flow. Vyon® has a self-supporting nature attributable to its semi-rigid structure thus reducing the need for an expensive external support structure, which is so often needed with other filtration media.

The possibilities are endless with porous plastic; it is resilient and durable, making it the perfect choice for a number of applications where filtration is required. Our team of highly skilled engineers have an extensive amount of filtration knowledge and experience qualifying them to offer the best advice and provide filtration solutions to meet your exact needs. Give us a call today to start your journey with Filterserve.

This lightweight material is incredibly versatile; our in-house facility allows us to provide Vyon® in a variety of different formats including:

  • Sheets
  • Tubes
  • Cut shapes
  • Discs
  • Cones
  • Moulded formats

  • Manufactured from FDA approved HDPE or PP material, Vyon® can be used in applications involving flour, milk powder, sugar and more.


  • BioVyon™, produced to the highest standard of cleanliness, provides sterile filtration for a number of applications in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry involving diagnostics, chromatography, paracetamol and vitamin powder filtration.

Industrial and Construction

  • Porous plastic’s naturally hydrophobic feature acts as a moisture barrier to prevent the transfer of moisture when using factory compressed air supplies. This makes it an excellent choice for applications involving cement, gypsum, coal dust and soda/fly ash.

Chemical and Plastics

  • Both HDPE and PP are naturally chemically inert demonstrating broad compatibility with a range of chemicals & providing optimum performance with titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, polyethylene powder, carbon black, and epoxy and polyester paint powders.

Water Treatment

  • Vyon® is resistant to damage and has a high efficiency for oxygen transfer. Vyon®’s impeccable features make it the most reliable choice for use in the breaking down of pollutants in sewage and industrial waste water.

Vyon® Silencers

Porous permeable plastic silencers are excellent for use in pneumatic equipment silencing. Our Vyon® silencers can provide up to 30 decibels of noise reduction – this is the difference between an underground train and normal conversation. A Vyon® silencer screws directly in to the exhaust port of a control valve and exhausting air is released to the atmosphere through the porous body.
Manufactured from ultra clean raw materials, this excellent silencer will not cause contamination and is unaffected by water or oil thus ensuring controlled and uniform flow.

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